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Clients Testimonial

My mother was welcomed as part of the Cuenco Resident Care Home six years ago and has been treated as family though personal care, attention and respect. I have been impressed with the great concern they have shown for her needs, and with their communication with me about her. Her caretakers supervise her at all times, and call immediately to alert me to any changers in her health.
My mother has commented several times to me how much she enjoys the staff, and because I can visit her often, I feel comfortable that she is in the best possible care. I am grateful to have found Cuenco Residence, knowing that she is safe, comfortable, and well-cared for.
D. Davis

Cuenco Home Care was highly recommended by a good friend, whom had her mother there and told us of the good care she had. The residence is very clean and the care to its residents is given a loving manner. I go there every day and I know my wife is receiving excellent care and food. Moreover, I love the people there and I appreciate their service in the manner in which they do their work. I would not hesitate to recommend Cuenco Resident Care Home.
Bob Case

Cuenco Residence is an exceptional care home. It is run by the very caring Cuenco family. The home is immaculate as are the residents. The residents are treated as family with holiday and birthday occasions celebrated with decorations, balloons, and special menus.
Dorothy Steel